Mission Statement

The Committee to Protect the Homeless (CPH) is a grassroots organization created for the homeless by the homeless to bring justice and dignity to the homeless and indigent in Metropolitan Birmingham.
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Please take the time to read the sociological study written by Mr. Rodney Cole, Executive Director of the Committee to Protect the Homeless, to more fully understand the comprehensive vision of what the CPH is all about. Link here.

CPH at WeldClick the photo above for our article in Weld “The Road off the Streets”

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The collaborative effort between the Committee to Protect the Homeless and the Birmingham Public Library  is now scheduled!

Dear Homeless Advocate,

The main focus of the workshops shall be to provide much needed accessibility to resources…

The CPH has been extended an opportunity to develop community program facilitation of resources in support of the homeless community. We welcome your collaborative support in our workshops at the downtown Birmingham Public Library. The scheduled workshops will be attended by our target population, the homeless and those seeking resources to improve their quality of life.

 Arrington Auditorium 2100 Park Place, Birmingham AL 35203.

Please call us at (205) 588-2257 for more information.

Dear Friend,
One of the greatest commissions given to the church was to take care of those that are less fortunate then we are. The Committee to Protect the Homeless (C.P.H.) was created for this purpose. This ministry, an extension of Repairers of The Breach Ministries (ROTB), has been designed to do several things:
1) Meet the needs of a growing homeless community.
2) Educate the community of the needs of the homeless community.
3) Bring programs together that are engaged in the same, or can become an asset to the same, purpose.
Rodney Cole, the director of the CPH, works to assure that this program is always on the cutting edge. The CPH desires the cooperation of existing programs or new programs that can aid in carrying out this task, for we are only a bandage on an open wound in our society. ROTB Ministries, through the CPH, will continue to do our part. And if you join us, together we will meet many of the needs of the homeless community.
Bishop Herman Bibbs

Bishop Herman BibbsClick the photo above of the late Bishop Herman Bibbs for more information about the CPH.


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